New Vision

virtual space sculpture screenshot
RoleArt director, Designer
Year 2019

The New Vision project was created as a VR installation, a dynamic sculpture in virtual space. Upon placing the VR glasses on their eyes, the viewer observes ghostly outlines of a moving figure filling the space, floating and deforming as if overcoming the resistance of their environment.

The moving figure rushes to occupy new spaces, the phases of movement are superimposed over each other in layers, creating a complex mass. In this way, the image acquires abstract properties. And yet it is easy to see the anthropomorphic features. In the three-dimensional space, the sculpture becomes almost tangible, creating a sense of time thickening, seemingly slowing down even more while the viewer walks around the sculpture, examining it from all sides.

The image is captured using multiple 3D scans of the moving Figure in real-time, and then the image is deformed. Thus, this is a truthfully transmitted tracing of motion (literally reflected light from the surface of the Figure at different moments of time). Scanning is virtually instantaneous, so the artist determines the moments for “freezing" the Figure, which defines the next phase layer in the final virtual sculpture. The moments are not chosen randomly. Their simultaneity and superposition make them difficult to recognize, and the viewer has to orientate themselves like a very short-sighted person, perceiving the figure not as specific features, but as the manner of movement, hard-to-recognize but recognizable gestures chosen by the artist.

This kind of recognition seems deeper than usual: it does not come down to a descriptive enumeration of these features (people change over time) but rather conveys the feeling of the figure beyond the usual flow of time.

The embodiment of this transcendence is actually in the phantoms of the figure, its desire to overcome time, and its own materiality. Metaphorically, life is movement, overcoming stasis, and moving beyond the boundaries of death and one's own body.

This is what a free soul could look like.

virtual space sculpture screenshot
virtual space sculpture screenshot
virtual space sculpture screenshot
virtual space sculpture screenshot


Kinect, Oculus rift, vvvv

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